How Often Should I Have My Horse’s Teeth Looked At?

Regular dental examinations are important for all equines to maintain their health and performance.

A horse’s teeth, unlike a human’s, continuously erupt throughout their lives. In the wild their teeth naturally wear down with the rough grazing that they are living on.  As we have domesticated them, the feeds and forage that we now feed are not coarse enough to naturally wear the teeth.

Dental checks should be performed at least annually. However, a large number of horses and ponies will actually need checking and rasping more frequently (ie every 6 months) especially those under eight years of age and those with more severe dental problems. If you have a new horse and are unsure of it’s previous dental history it may be worth having it’s teeth checked as soon as you can so that any problem areas can be identified before symptoms appear.

Your vet will advise you at each visit when your next check up should be.

Please see our Dentistry page for further information.

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