How do I go about having my horse put to sleep one I have made the decision?

Euthanasia of a horse or pony can be a traumatic decision to have to deal with, but thanks to advances in veterinary medicine leading to improved treatment and surgery options the need for emergency euthanasia is becoming less common.

However, there comes a time for many horse owners when a decision will have to be made based on quality of life for a family friend. Perhaps due to an ongoing chronic condition or maybe just that old age means another winter approaching might be too much for them to cope with, your usual Bourton Vale Vet can help you make an informed decision.

We can arrange for a collection and disposal agent to collect your horse as soon as possible after an emergency euthanasia, or to coincide with a timed vet visit for a pre booked euthanasia. Arranging the collection to coincide with the vet visit can minimise distress to upset owners and also, depending on the situation for example, to other yard users.

Please note that the collection agent we use requires payment on collection.

Alternatively, we can put you in touch with a local gentleman who offers individual cremation with or without ashes back.

Please call the Bourton Vale reception team if you wish to discuss the options available.


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