Influenza (Flu)

Horses can be vaccinated against influenza from 6 months of age.
An initial course must be completed before only annual boosters are required.

How often should my horse have a flu vaccination?

The first vaccination is followed by the 2nd between 21 and 92 days later.

A third is required between 150 and 215 days after the second, and a booster annually thereafter. Please check the rule book of any regulatory bodies your horse may be competing under.

What happens if my flu vaccination is overdue?

Unfortunately you will have to start the whole course again from the beginning in order to comply with many regulatory body rules.

Vets cannot backdate vaccinations nor can the practice accept any responsibility for missed vaccinations.  We advise clients to write the next vaccination date in their diary as soon as the current one is given.

Can I ride my horse after a flu vaccination?

The advice that we offer is that you can ride your horse, but perhaps just stick to a gentle hack for the first 24hrs after the vaccination rather than for example cross country schooling or galloping.

How soon can I compete after a vaccination?

You should allow 7 clear days between any vaccination and competition. It is usual to be allowed to compete or attend PC / RC 7 days after the second vaccination of the course.

Please see our Vaccination pages for further detailed explanation of vaccination procedures

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