Herpes - Duvaxyn EHV 1,4

Why Should My Mare Be Vaccinated against Herpes EHV 1 - 4?

Vaccinating a pregnant mare against Herpes can help to reduce the risk of abortion.

The two most common types are EHV-1, which causes respiratory disease in young horses, abortion in pregnant mares and paralysis in horses of all ages and types, and EHV-4, which usually only causes low-grade respiratory disease but can occasionally cause abortion. Following first infection the majority of horses carry the virus as a latent (silent) infection that can reactivate at intervals throughout life. 

Although EHV-1 may cause outbreaks of abortion, particularly in non-vaccinated mares, EHV-4 has only been associated with single incidents and is not considered a risk for contagious abortions.

Pregnant mares can be vaccinated during their 5th, 7th and 9th month of pregnancy to help reduce the risk.

Some studs may require your mare to be vaccinated before taking them for foaling – please check with the stud.

Please see our Vaccination pages for further detailed explanation of vaccination procedures.

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