Equine worming and worm resistance is a hot topic in most equine literature these days. Here are a few of the most common questions answered.

Do I need to worm my horse / pony?

Yes, but worming should only be performed when necessary.  Unfortunately worms are becoming increasingly resistant to the wormers available on the market today.

Worm egg counts can be performed to assess whether or not worming is essential.

What is a worm egg count?

A worm egg count is when a small proportion of your horse / ponies faeces is mixed in a solution and then studied under the microscope for the presence of worm eggs. Only certain worm eggs are detected by using this method.  The presence of tapeworm can be detected by a blood test or a saliva test.

What is a normal worm egg count?

A result of 200 eggs per gram or less would be considered acceptable.

What wormer do I use?

This will be determined by worm egg count result, time of year and previous worming history. Bourton Vale Equine Clinic offers a worm egg count service and free worming advice from the vets. We also stock a range of wormers.

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