Regenerative Therapy

There are various Biological Therapies available at Bourton Vale:

PRP this is also known as platelet enhanced therapy .This involves blood being collected and then processed to concentrate the platelets. These are then injected into the site of the lesion. The activation of the platelets occurs at time of injection. Activation will release growth factors that are anabolic or promote the production of tissue. This can be fibrous tissue, the type of fibrous tissue is important as there are several different collagen types that make up the fibrous tissue.

IRAP this is used in situations where inflammation is considered to be a problem.

IRAP is obtained from the culture of your horse’s blood in special blood tubes that contain beads that stimulate the production of anti-inflammatory proteins. Once this is cultured the area can be injected. This is often a multiple stage therapy.

Mesenchymal Stem Cell therapy: stem cells can be collected from the sternum, tuber coxa or recovered from fat. There may be cases where the direct injection of stem cell solution is warranted without incubation. In most cases the cells are incubated to increase the numbers, these are then selected according to their ability to adhere to a surface and their ability to develop into different tissues and they are then injected directly into the lesion or joint affected.

We understand that the stem cell therapy relies on the chemical messengers released fro the stem cells at time of injection.

We can adhere the stem cells onto spheres that contain growth factors; this is an exciting development from Europe.

Recovery from an injury also depends on rehabilitation; please see this page for detils

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