Hoof Care

How Often Do I Need the Farrier?

A qualified farrier needs to regularly attend your horse to undertake trimming and if necessary, shoeing. In the United Kingdom, registered farriers are governed by the Farriers (Registration) Act 1975 and overseen by the Farriers Registration Council.

The length of time a horse may go between trimmings will differ between individuals, as there are many factors relating to growth and wear to the hoof which will affect it.  However, the usual range is between 4 and 8 weeks depending on these factors.

Your qualified farrier will be best placed to advise you on any queries regarding trimming and/or shoeing but as a matter of routine horse’s feet should be picked out daily to check the hoof structures and detect foreign bodies.  Hoof Oil or dressing can be applied to clean, dry hooves to keep them healthy, but again your farrier can advise you on this.

If a punctured sole is suspected, veterinary advice advice should be sought immediately as any puncture wound can be problematic. Additionally, a deep puncture within the middle area of the hoof can be potentially fatal, if not dealt with immediately.

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