If your horse is insured and you think that treatment will be covered by your policy, please contact your insurers to open a claim as soon as you know that the costs are expected to exceed your policy excess.

Depending on your insurance company there may be a part of the form for you (the policyholder) to complete, in which case we ask you to do so and then send to us for the vet to complete his/her part. However, some companies email the paperwork directly to us with no part for the policyholder to complete.

Once completed we will scan the paperwork on to your horse’s file so that we have a copy should any queries arise. We will then send it on to your insurer along with any relevant invoices and the full clinical history for your ownership as is usually required. Some insurers require copies of the ID and vaccination pages of the horse’s passport and purchaser’s vetting certificate if applicable. If this is the case please enclose these with the claim forms when you send them to us.

You can usually request for insurers to settle directly with us which is preferable, but if they settle with you we would appreciate prompt payment as soon as you receive settlement.

If treatment is ongoing it is your responsibility to forward any further related invoices to your insurer. There may be ‘continuation’ paperwork to complete, if so please arrange for this to be sent to us immediately.

We would appreciate payment of your policy excess amount to us at your earliest convenience after the claim is opened. Please remember that all routine treatments such as vaccination, teeth rasping worm egg counts and any other unrelated treatments will not be paid by insurers even if they occurred on the same visit and so we would also appreciate payment for these items as usual even though a claim may be going through.

Should you have any queries regarding the claim process or need any assistance with completing claim forms please call our reception staff who will be happy to help.

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