Why Should My Mare Be Vaccinated against Rotavirus?

Vaccinating a pregnant mare against Rotavirus will provide immunity to her foal.

Rotavirus is a virus that damages the villi in the intestines making it difficult for the intestines to absorb nutrients from food – malabsorption. The damage to the intestinal lining makes the foal unable to digest lactose, a component of the mare’s milk. This causes diarrhoea that pulls water from the foal’s body. Left untreated the foal will become badly dehydrated, a situation that could lead to death. The virus is carried in the manure and if a horse comes in contact with the manure, the virus can easily be ingested.

Pregnant mares can be vaccinated during their 8th, 9th and 10th month of pregnancy to minimise the chance and severity of rotavirus diarrhoea in foals.

Please see our Vaccination pages for further detailed explanation of vaccination procedures.

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