Artificial Insemination

Mares can either be bred naturally by a stallion or by Artificial Insemination (AI). AI refers to breeding a mare with semen that has been previously collected from a stallion and then inseminated into the uterus using veterinary supervision rather than by natural service.

AI allows owners of mares access to a wider range of stallions both in the UK and abroad.

We offer both chilled AI and frozen AI packages.

  • Chilled AI usually takes place on site at a stud or client’s home.  The mare is scanned regularly and inseminated as close to ovulation as possible. Arrangements must be made for your chosen stallion’s semen to arrive on the day of insemination.
  • Frozen AI involves an increased number of scans as insemination must take place a maximum of 6 hours post ovulation. For this reason most mares are admitted to the clinic when follicles reach between 36 – 40 mm. They are then given a drug to induce ovulation and scanned every six hours until ovulation takes place. Arrangements must be made for your chosen stallion’s semen to arrive well in advance for this procedure. We have our own storage tank for frozen semen at Bourton Vale so clients can arrange to have the semen delivered to the clinic.

Please contact  Bourton Vale Equine Clinic  for further information on these packages and costs.

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