Internal Medicine

Our Equine Internal medicine service is led by our team of experienced veterianry surgeons.

Does your horse suffer from poor performance, weight loss, coughing, poor appetite or aggressive behaviour? Many  of these and more symptoms of underlying disease problems. Equine internal medicine deals with internal organs of the horse and the body systems. The most frequent problems we see involve the gastro-intestinal tract ( e.g. colic, diarrhoea and gastic ulceration) and the respiratory tract (e.g. coughing abnormal breathing pneumonia). Other issues we routinely deal with include heart problems, neurological problems, eye, skin, endocrine/hormone problems and tumors. 

Initial medical investigations and treatment can often be performed at your own premises particularly for stud stock, horse in training and sports horses. With a range of specialist areas and interests amongst our very experienced veterinary surgeons, we are ideally placed to advise you and provide care in foal medicine, respiratory disease in horses in training, infacetious disease control ( e.g. strangles) and parasite management.


Backing this up with our hospital facilities  at Bourton Vale Equine Clinic, which allows us to further investigate problems and provide emergency and critical care. With our team of interns and nurses we are able to provide 24 hour care for your horse.

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