Gastro-intestinal diseases

Gastro-intestinal disease encompasses a range of symptoms and an array of different conditions. Obviously the most common symptoms are colic and diarrhoea but can also include weight loss, dull coat, teeth grinding, back pain, poor appetite and lethargy.

For the most serious colics we provide a full 24 hour emergency surgical service both to our own clients and a referral service for neighbouring practises. In addition to the standard examinations in the field we are able to provide a full diagnostic and medical support service to cases of colic and other gastro-intestinal disease within our clinic. This includes the following investiagtions:

  • Laboratory analysis of both blood and peritoneal fluid.
  • Abdominal ultrasonography.
  • Gastroscopy.
  • Rectal ultrasonography.
  • Rectal biopsy.
  • Laparoscopy (keyhole surgery to visualise the abdonimal cavity).
  • Faecal analysis for worm egg counts and sand.

We run monthly gastroscopy clinics where you can bring your horse in for gastroscopy examination at a reduced fee.

Image: Ultrasound image of a intussusception obstruction of the large intestine



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