Preparing Your Mare For Breeding

To ensure that your mare is in the best possible condition for breeding, there are a number of steps which our Stud Veterinarians take.

For natural cover, mares are required to have an annual clitoral swab for CEM (Contagious Equine Metritis) and an annual blood sample taken to test for EIA (Equine Infectious Anaemia) and EVA (Equine Viral Arteritis).

These are best taken as early as possible in the New Year to avoid any delays when your mare is ready to go to stud. The results can take 7-10 days to return to us. 

Once you have decided on a stallion, one of our Stud Vets can scan your mare and decide when it is most optimal to be bred. If your mare is “walking out” to stud (for a natural cover), an endometrial swab is required to ensure that the uterus is clean from disease. This is taken when the mare is in heat and can be incubated in our in house laboratory or sent to an external laboratory depending on the preference of the stud.

All of our Stud Veterinarians are equipped with drugs and techniques to best optimise conception, pregnancy diagnosis and ultimately success in breeding your mare.

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