Radiography (X-Rays)

Radiography is an invaluable diagnostic technique, used for a range of cases from lameness to dental problems, pre-purchase examinations and more. It is often one of the first imaging techniques used in cases, and allows our vets to make a quick assessment of the bones and joints of your horse.

Here at Bourton Vale we have 3 mobile x-ray machines available to our vets out on the road to be used at client’s premises, plus the in-house x-ray machine at the clinic.

Images are available to be viewed instantly at your premises and are stored electronically for easy access in the future. At the clinic we have a high resolution image viewing station, where the vets can discuss their findings in detail with you. Images can also be forwarded on to owners, other vets, farriers or insurance companies.

X-rays are often used alongside other imaging techniques such as ultrasound scanning , MRI and scintigraphy to gather more information about your horses’ problem, guide treatment plans and monitor healing progress. It can also be used in our surgical theatre, to guide our surgeons when performing surgeries such as fracture repairs.

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