Bourton Vale Equine Clinic were proud to install a Hallmarq Magnetic Resonance Imaging unit in September 2017. The MRI unit enables imaging of the distal limb under standing sedation; anything from the knee, and hock, downwards can be imaged.

Our MRI unit is run by two of our vets, Lydia Coles and Charlotte Frost, and one of our nurses, Hannah Keene.

Magnetic Resonance Imaging is indicated for cases of lameness following the performance of diagnostic nerve blocks. Frequently, once lameness is localised to the distal limb, radiographs and/or ultrasonography are performed and yield limited information. In this case, an MRI is an excellent 'next step' in being able to precisely and quickly localise damage to a particular soft tissue or bony structure. This can enable more specific, targeted treatment therapies and rehabilitation regimes.

A standing MRI will take on average 2-3 hours and is a non-invasive procedure. Generally, your horse will remain with us at the clinic for the day whilst the MRI is performed, images are interpreted and an appropriate treatment plan formulated and discussed.

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