Meet The Team

The team at Bourton Vale Equine Clinic is made up of Vets, Nurses, Interns, Grooms and Administration staff all dedicated to providing the best possible service for both you and your horse.

Our Veterinarian team is made up of fourteen fully qualified vets, who have a variety of interests in all things equine ranging from diagnosis and investigations of performance horses, medicine and dental care, and reproduction. When required the Vets are supported by one of our Interns or Nurses. 

The Nurses perform a variety of roles at the Clinic, from assisting in the surgery process, performing the laboratory tests, keeping the equipment the Vets need in good working order, and also run our dispensary to ensure that anything the Vets will need to treat any emergency is available straight away.

At the Clinic we have live in facilities for our two Interns, who are available either to assist the Vets out on the road, or remain on site to assist with any in-patients at all hours of the day. The Interns are recently qualified Vets who are keen to develop their skills and learn from the more experienced Vets.

As well as the Interns, our two Grooms also live on site, enabling them to provide any required exercise for your horse whilst it is with us, and also maintain the boxes in our Stables to help make your horses stay as pleasant as possible.

Our Administration team comprises of five Receptionists, who are your first point of contact when visiting or telephoning in to the Clinic. They assist the Vets by helping to arrange their appointments, notify and direct them to any emergencies, and help keep you updated on when the Vet is expecting to arrive to your visit. The Receptionists will also be available to dispense any medication over the counter that the Vet has recommended for your horse.

The Administration team also covers our back office staff who perform a variety of roles, such as managing your account with us, maintaining the Clinic’s internal accounting functions, as well as helping the Directors manage the facilities at the Clinic.

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